Supabase Connection String for IPv6 in Prisma

Connection string migration to support IPv6 in Supabase

  • Alexandro Martínez
    by Alexandro Martínez
    4 months ago
  • If you're using Supabase with PgBouncer and Prisma, you may need to update your connection string to support IPv6 and use the new connection pooler Supavisor.

    Before: Using PgBouncer

    You're connection string, using the pgbouncer parameter, looks like this:


    Now: Using Supavisor

    To use Supavisor, Supabase now provides the following connection string:


    But you can use the same pgbouncer flag at the 6543 port:


    But the AWS host region depends on your supabase region, you can see the database connection string details at

    Read the official Supabase + Prisma guide.

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