Deploy Remix to Vercel

The easiest and fastest way to deploy your Remix app.

  • Alexandro Martínez
    by Alexandro Martínez
    3 months ago
  • Deploying to Vercel might be the easiest way to deploy your Remix app.

    • 1) Connect your GitHub project:

    • 2) Set the environment variables

    • 3) Optional: If you're using a React canary version, override the build command to npm install --legacy-peer-deps

    That's it 🎉! Every deployment will have it's own URL, no matter the branch. For example:

    Read Common Errors when Deploying Remix to Vercel if you encounter an error.

    Deployment Steps

    💿 Go to and select your repository


    💿 Set up your environment variables

    Hint: You can copy-paste the content of your .env.production local file, and Vercel will be smart enough to parse it 🤩

    Optionally, override the build command to npm install --legacy-peer-deps.


    💿 Wait 1-3 min and visit the deployed URLs


    Can't get easier and faster than this!

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