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Launch production-ready SaaS apps with +25 pre-built essential SaaS features: Admin dashboard, App portal, Stripe Subscriptions and Payments, Blog, Page Builder, Knowledge Base, Workflows, Analytics, Entity Builder, Email Marketing, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, Cache and Metrics.

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The SaaS Building Framework for your MVP development.

Admin Dashboard
Stripe Subscriptions
Email Marketing
No-code Builder
API Keys
Accounts Management
Roles and Permissions
Metrics Tracker
Onboarding Flows
Feature Flags
App Dashboard
Marketing Pages
Advanced Pricing
Built-in Blog
Build-in Knowledge Base
Page Block Builder
SEO Optimized
5-star Boilerplate
Remix Stack

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  • Great software product
    Great software product. Fast service. Many functions. Mature.
    testimonialTobias Klemmer
  • Game-changing boilerplate for ambitious founders
    SaasRock has really blown me away, going beyond what I was hoping for. It's an amazing tool that helps you start your projects super quickly. Is it worth the price? Absolutely. Can it grow with your needs? For sure. I'm not exactly a pro developer, and I find most boilerplates useless. But SaasRock is different. It's really easy to use and comes with everything you need, like handling user accounts, helping you organize your info, and managing your marketing —all without extra costs that usually add up to more than $10 a month with other services. I'm really excited to use SaasRock for not just one, but several projects. It's not just good; it's a real game-changer for people like me.
    testimonialCharlie X
  • Incredible
    Incredible, configurable, AI-focused product. It's no-code on steroids.
    testimonialAlex Brodsky
  • Not your average SaaS boilerplate
    Not your average SaaS boilerplate. It's got the standard stuff - User authentication, Stripe setup, Admin panel, etc. But on top of that, it has: - built-in database metrics/analytics - Feature flags - No code builder for prototyping features - I18n And a ton of other stuff that goes way beyond just the MVP features. This thing has you set for scale. You're getting 2 years worth of work from a great engineer, and ongoing updates and improvements too. It's totally worth the cost.
    Web dev
  • Using SR for 2 years
    I've been using SR for 2 years. Alexandre has a deep understanding of his subject, actively listens to the community, and regularly introduces new features to the boilerplate.
    testimonialJosselin Liebe
  • Beyond Saas Starter Kits
    It goes beyond your standard starter kit and provides you with all the tools you need to start and manage an online Saas business. The tools stay fresh and current so if you want to really dominate your vertical they've got you covered. I would highly recommend this product to any serious founder interested in building a sustainable online business.
  • An all in one SaaS Starter kit
    An all in one SaaS Starter kit. Alex, the developer behind it, is exceptional and has been the backbone for the project
    Zama Khan Mohammed
  • Can't praise it enough!
    SassRock is a great Saas starter template. The codebase is massive and packs a ton of features, sometime feels like way too many :) Alex, SaasRock's dev is an awesome guy, he is very active and responsive to questions, concerns and feature requests. Highly recommended product for your next Saas project!
    Praney Behl
  • Great Code, Great Support
    SaasRock isn't just another boilerplate – it's a game-changer. This platform comes packed with every feature imaginable, saving you from the headache of starting from scratch. Alex, the developer behind SaasRock, sets a new standard in responsiveness. Questions or custom requests? He's lightning-fast in his support, making the journey of building a customized SaaS project an absolute breeze. The flexibility and adaptability of SaasRock allowed me to dive straight into the customization I needed, without wrestling with the mundane, standard aspects. It's a full-throttle, feature-rich solution coupled with unparalleled developer support that elevates it far above the rest.
  • Fast and automated
    Fast and automated delivery of the product!


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