SaasRock 2.0 Roadmap Planning

SaasRock has been a community-driven project since day one (March 2022). Share your thoughts and help us shape the future of SaasRock.

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ORM: Prisma vs Drizzle

Prisma comes with a size cost in serverless environments. Drizzle is a lightweight alternative.

Framework: Remix vs Next.js vs SvelteKit vs Nuxt/Vue

Are you happy with Remix (I am!)? Or would you like to see a Next.js, SvelteKit, or Nuxt/Vue edition in the future?

Prisma Schema

Entity Builder

Autogenerated CRUD and API for quick prototyping and MVPs.

Email Provider

Currently, Postmark is the only email provider, both for transactional and marketing emails.

Create @saasrock packages by module?

i.e. @saasrock/core, @saasrock/ui, @saasrock/auth, @saasrock/subscriptions, @saasrock/blog, @saasrock/knowledge, @saasrock/rows, @saasrock/email, @saasrock/workflows, etc.

SaaS Templates

Would you like to see more templates?

Payments Provider

Stripe is the only subscriptions/payments provider.

Notifications Provider

Page Blocks

Knowledge Base



B2B2B Portals

Anything else?

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