Building a SaaS with SaasRock in a few hours

Follow this series to get up and running with SaasRock.

Part 1

  • Introduction to SaasRock
  • Presenting SaaS Templates
  • Explaining the SaaS idea

Part 2

  • Clone saasrock repo
  • Set up your local environment
  • Use the entity builder to quickly test the feature
  • Port the google-indexing-script to Typescript
  • Create the database models
  • Create the 'Sites' routes: list, new, edit, and overview
  • Test the Feature: Index a site

Part 3

  • Intro
  • Fix git remote upstream
  • Improve the Indexing feature
  • Upgrade to SaasRock 0.9.5
  • Set up Pricing Plans
  • Create a Stripe account
  • Generate the Pricing Plans
  • Create a Test Account
  • Add a Reindex action
  • Emails with Postmark
  • Multiple Languages (i18)
  • Brand theme
  • Icon and Logo
  • Favicon
  • Landing Page
  • Contact page
  • Newsletter page
  • Blog page
  • Create a Supabase Project
  • Knowledge Base
  • Update and Seed Database
  • Deploy to Fly
  • Test the SaaS app!
  • Conclusion

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