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February 28, 2024

SaasRock 1.0 - Build, Market, and Manage your SaaS

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    Alexandro Martínez
SaasRock 1.0 - Build, Market, and Manage your SaaS

SaasRock 1.0 is here!

Live on Product Hunt.

Build your SaaS

Jumpstart your idea with Auth, admin and user Dashboards, Stripe for Subscriptions, Entity Builder for autogenerated CRUD and API, and a Workflow builder.

Market your SaaS

Built-in marketing modules for great SEO: Analytics, Blog, Email Marketing, Knowledge Bases, and a Page Blocks builder.

Manage your SaaS

Keep everything running smoothly with the advanced Account Management, real-time Notifications, Metrics Tracker, Onboarding flows, Feature flags, and Roles and permissions management.

And a little surprise... shadcn/ui has made it to 1.0.0!


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