SaasRock Update: GPT Prompt Builder, New Property Types, and more!

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    Alexandro Martínez
SaasRock Update: GPT Prompt Builder, New Property Types, and more!

With SaasRock's latest update, you can now seamlessly implement GPT in real-world applications and enjoy the benefits of new property types, designed to simplify no-code MVP iteration.

Let's dive in!


  • Prompt Flow Builder 🤖 🚀 (a.k.a. prompt-chaining)
  • New Property Types & Subtypes
  • System Entities - TenantSettings
  • Remix v2 Future Flags
  • Minor Improvements
  • What's next for v0.9

Prompt Flow Builder

The biggest and most complex feature in this update is the brand-new Prompt Flow Builder, available for Enterprise users 🚀. This powerful tool empowers you to effortlessly create, manage, and execute GPT prompt templates/flows 🤖.

In the following demo, I just type an "idea" and my prompt flow suggests me a website name, domain, feature list, and a CTA.


New Property Types

Types- Multi-Select & Multi-Text

I've added new property types to help you collect more diverse and specific data. With Multi-Select and Multi-Text properties, you now have greater flexibility in designing your forms and capturing the information you need from users.


I've also expanded our property subtypes with Email, URL, Phone, Checkbox Cards, and Radio Group Cards. These subtypes enable you to create more refined and targeted user input fields for a superior user experience.


Demo of Number & Date Ranges:

System Entities -  TenantSettings

The TenantSettingsRow system entity is now available, providing a centralized location to manage tenant info. This opens the door to creating custom entities for other core models, such as User, Blog Post, TenantUser...

For this, you need to create a custom entity named "tenantSettings" as type "System", then just create the fields you want for every account to fill.


Remix v2 Future Flags

The Remix team is making the migration for v2 so easy with future flags:

"All v2 APIs and behaviors are available in v1 with Future Flags. They can be enabled one at a time to avoid development disruption of your project. After you have enabled all flags, upgrading to v2 should be a non-breaking upgrade."

I've covered the v2_meta and v2_errorBoundary flags.

I tried migrating from remix-run@1.14.3 to remix-run@1.15.0. But it has incompatibility issues with remix-i18n@3.0.0.

Here's a react@18, remix-run@1.15.0, and remix-i18n@5.1.0 if you don't believe I tried 😅: (it has awkward translations). So I guess we're going to be stuck with 1.14 until I implement a custom translation solution, or even better, Remix builds a native i18n solution.

Minor Improvements

Minor fix [Analytics 🚀]: User Identification

Now when a user logs in, it will be identified across all Page Views and Events in the Analytics module. Filtering Page Views by Anon or specific User

Minor fix [Subscriptions]: Monthly usage by the current period

Now it calculates the monthly usage based on the current billing period, rather than the calendar month. This change provides a more accurate representation of the tenant's subscription usage.

Minor improvement: Order for Entity Rows

Now every row can be sorted on the Table autogenerated view.


What's next for v0.9

Stay tuned for the next update, v0.9, where I'll be working on big features:

  • Knowledge Base (see the preview here)
  • Customer Support / Help Desk (Enterprise 🚀)
  • Affiliates & Referrals (Enterprise 🚀)

And from v0.9 to 1.0 I'll focus on performance 😮‍💨.

As always, I appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm for SaasRock. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out on the public Discord server.

Check out the previous update (v0.8.4 - Feature Flags) here.

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