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April 5, 2023

Create Compelling SaaS Marketing Pages: ChatGPT-Driven Copy with SaasRock — Part 6

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Create Compelling SaaS Marketing Pages: ChatGPT-Driven Copy with SaasRock — Part 6

Discover how to create compelling SaaS marketing pages using ChatGPT-driven design with SaasRock v0.8.3 so you can leverage AI technology to make your marketing pages more engaging and relevant for your audience.

Check out part 5 here.

Chapter 6

  1. SEO Meta Tags
  2. Landing Page Blocks
  3. Generating the Landing Page with ChatGPT

1. SEO Meta Tags

I first want to describe what my SaaS does using the “app/modules/pageBlocks/utils/defaultSeoMetaTags.ts” meta tags: title, description, keywords, image, thumbnail, twitterSite, and twitterCreator.

export const siteTags: MetaTagsDto = {
-  title: "SaasRock | The One-Man SaaS Framework",
-  description:"Quick start your MVP with out-of-the-box SaaS features like Authentication, Pricing & Subscriptions, Admin & App portals, Entity Builder (CRUD, API, Webhooks, Permissions, Logs...), Blogging, CRM, Email Marketing, Page Block Builder, Notifications, Onboarding, and more.",
-  keywords: "remix,saas,tailwindcss,prisma,react,typescript,boilerplate,saas-kit,saas-boilerplate,stripe,postmark,admin-portal,app-dashboard,multi-tenancy",
-  image: "",
-  thumbnail: "",
-  twitterSite: "@saas_rock",
+  title: "Délega | Gestión de cumplimiento",
+  description: "Gestión de cumplimiento de proveedores especializados. Firma tus contratos y gestiona evidencia de documentación legal de proveedores como Opinión de Cumplimiento SAT, INFONAVIT, IMSS y documentación para REPSE .",
+  keywords: "administracion de proveedores, cumplimiento de proveedores, proveedores, proveedores de servicios, documentacion, gestion de documentos, firma de contratos, contrato digital, infonavit, imss, sat, repse, cumplimiento",
+  image: "",
+  thumbnail: "",
+  twitterSite: "@delega_app",
twitterCreator: "@AlexandroMtzG",

2. Landing Page Blocks

SaasRock has a built-in page blocks builder, read more about this here or watch the demo video.

The default landing page looks something like this:

export function defaultLandingPage({ t }: { t: TFunction }) {
  const blocks: PageBlockDto[] = [
    // Banner
      banner: {
        style: "top",
        text: "SaasRock v0.8.2 🎉 + Entity Code Generator 🚀",
        cta: [{ text: t("front.changelog.title"), href: "/changelog", isPrimary: true }],
    // Header
      header: defaultHeader,
    // Hero
      hero: {
        style: "simple",
        headline: t("front.hero.headline1"),
        description: t("front.hero.headline2"),
        image: "",
        cta: [
            text: t(""),
            href: "/pricing",
            isPrimary: true,
            text: t(""),
            href: "/docs",
            isPrimary: false,
        topText: {
          text: t("front.hero.subheadline1"),
        bottomText: {
          link: {
            text: t("front.hero.hint"),
            href: "/changelog",

I have already implemented the following blocks:

Supported Blocks

I could update the “defaultLadingPage” object manually, or...

3. Generating the Landing Page with ChatGPT

Having configured the meta tags, I can now toggle the “?editMode=true” on the landing page, and click on the ChatGPT icon to automatically generate the existing blocks. It will open up a modal to specify the context. See in the following image, the meta tags are automatically loaded.

ChatGPT parameters

I forgot to update the OpenAPI key env variable (OPENAI_API_KEY). You can get yours here:

Missing OpenAI API Key

After restarting the server so the .env variable loads, and about 30 seconds, I now have a fully functional landing page:

Generated Landing Page

A few things about this generated landing page:

  • The landing page was generated in Spanish since my meta tags are in that language.
  • I can click on the top button “Download Blocks” and paste them into the “defaultLandingPage” block array.
  • I can add custom details before generating the blocks (e.g. For the Food Industry).
  • About 70% of the time, it works. Sometimes the ChatGPT-3.5-turbo model returns content in an incorrect format and the block data cannot be parsed (JSON format).
  • If I didn’t like a block, I could generate it again. Each block has its own ChatGPT icon. And I can inspect the response (or ERROR) by clicking on it.

ChatGPT Response

Another example for the Features block.

Parameters: “SaaS for restaurants, 6 features, formal, innovative”.



Features Block Example

You can even generate full startup ideas with this 👀!!!

End Result

By utilizing ChatGPT-driven design with SaasRock, you can create impressive SaaS marketing copy that matters to your target audience.

There are even more exciting possibilities for the future of SaasRock and ChatGPT-driven design. A potential feature to be implemented in a future SaasRock release is a ChatGPT-Driven variant generator. This enhancement would not only generate the copy for your SaaS marketing pages but also create different variants for each element, such as a more captivating Hero design or a nicer Features list/grid.

I used SaasRock v0.8.3, released on April 4th, 2023

What’s next?

In chapter 7, I’ll cover Migrating from SaasRock Core to Enterprise:

  • Switching to SaasRock Enterprise
  • Creating an Onboarding flow
  • Page view & Event tracking

And more SaasRock Enterprise features.

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